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Disposible romance

I got a crappy part in Our Town, but I didnt expect anything huge because im a freshman. Sucks.
I'm eagerly rocking back in forth in my computer chair. Goddamn OD still wont let me delete.
I miss Jon and his wit...and his fucked up charm. Disarming, almost.
I dont miss Jon and his stupid tendancy to use me for some kind of disposable romance.
Because it wasnt just physical, lets not lie to ourselves.
My expendability rate must've gone up a million points.

Blah, Regrets are a waste of time.

I met a boy, His name is Evan and he's incredibleness. On the day of tryouts he approached me and asked me to be his reading partner so i was, which lead to a very deep conversation as to why we're here and why we are who we are.
I told him about my scars, about outpatient therapy programs (ha), about Jon and Kyle and...arrrgh basically everything.
He told me alot about him, about why he's here and about his family and whatnot.
We must've sat on the curb for an hour and a half just talking. I introduced him to mom (mom adores him...irony kills me.)

Yes he's rad.

Catch 22 was great. Only problem was that some bitch next to me kept trying to pull down one of the guy's pants when he leaned over the crowd and i got blamed for it.
I moped the rest of the night.

keep hittin' on them freshman girls.
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