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look around little brother

you tell me you got nothing, you tell me she rips you apart, she makes you feel like you're losing you mind. She doesnt keep any promises. Now you are where I am..or where I was...im still trying to figure out the details...har..har....

As I recall. all you told me was that "You gotta get over him, man" and now all i can say is the same. now you know how it feels. When they say things...and then they dont follow through. Then (ha this is the real kicker) after not giving me the time of day, you come crying to me. Well i'm done with that. You arent being fair. You dont care...and since i care..you dump it all on me, expecting me to clean you up while you dont give me anything at all.

you see, i love you. this is why im hurting now. still.
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