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chasing butterflies

I'm excited.
I'm smiling.
Yet I am at the library, not on my computer, stomach feeling yucky (everything except my mental state feels yucky...go figure)
but there's this most beautiful little baby i just saw. I think that's the only thing i miss about my job (besides the paycheck) was the little ones that would be there with their mothers and fathers and possible siblings..They are just so in their own little word and they just marvel at the world around them. Its amazing.

on another note..

I'm going to massachusetts Saturday...I havent been since the day before my birthday, which was in april, so im looking forward to that.
problem is that i gotta sneak around in order to see jon. I hate to do it, but i dont see any other options. As long as nothing goes wrong, it should be great.

i guess i'll go now.
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