Lost in the supermarket (drytherain) wrote,
Lost in the supermarket

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...which reminds me of why i dont have internet in the first place.

For some reason I felt like writing. Why, why, why do i feel the need to get on here!

Everything's fucked up. I saw jon yesterday, it was awesome until near the end when i started crying. I dont even know why, other than the fact that i realised how much he meant to me and that ignoring that had taken its toll. Plus I was exausted. Tired of everything.

his mother hates me more than before i guess, because I called him up on the way home to apologize for the crying thing. I guess it's because I tried to talk to her.

Excuse me, Sorry for everything. This is my letter of apology for exposing how i feel everyone, i'll try not to do it anymore I promise.
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